The strong growth in wireless communications and the ever increasing availability of mobile multi-purpose devices have created a global computing environment that plays a key role in the daily activities of millions of people. Users communicate, work, and confer using a wide range of devices all connected via an array of communication networks that provide voice and data access regardless of geographic position.

This infrastructure aggregation presents a number of challenges especially when it comes to data-intensive applications: scale, variable and intermittent connectivity, provision of location-dependent applications, bandwidth/power consumption, device size limitations, and multimedia delivery across hybrid networks.

Conventional issues in data management have to be thought and evaluated anew in this rapidly changing environment. Non-traditional issues including semantics of data, location-centric data services, broadcast and multicast delivery, data availability techniques, security of data, as well as privacy questions have to be addressed. MDM'06 focuses on challenges and opportunities for data management and access technology in the evolving world of mobile, wearable, and pervasive computing.

Topics of Interests:
      • Theoretical foundations of data-intensive mobile computing
      • Location and mobility semantics
      • Data placement, caching, replication and relocation to support mobility
      • Data broadcasting/dissemination in mobile environments
      • Data presentation, scripting and exchange languages
      • Data management for ubiquitous/pervasive/wearable computing
      • Data management in sensor and mobile ad hoc networks
      • Data stream processing in mobile/sensor networks
      • Resource advertising and discovery techniques to support mobility
      • Metadata management and exchanges
      • Query processing and optimization for mobile users
      • Transactions and workflows in mobile computing
      • Middleware support for mobility
      • Web access and Internet applications using mobile devices
      • Context-aware computing and location-based services
      • Adaptation of user interface and content
      • Mobile agent platforms and ubiquitous computing applications and systems
      • Operating system and network support for mobile devices
      • Security and privacy issues for ubiquitous systems
      • Location tracking of vehicles and moving objects
      • Quality of service issues for data-intensive services
      • Adaptability and stability of pervasive computing systems
      • Data mining for mobile application
      • Resource indexing and overlay networks
      • Publish-subscribe approach in mobile computing
Paper Submission:

Submitted papers must be original and not submitted for publication elsewhere. Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts via the MDM 2006 paper submission site ( by November 1, 2005. The PDF format is preferred but PostScript format is acceptable.

The paper length should not exceed 8 pages in the camera-ready IEEE style. Formatting instructions and LaTeX macros are available on the IEEE computer society site:

LaTex macros:

Formatting instructions:

Important Dates:
      • Abstract Submission:November 1st, 2005 (Updated!)
      • Paper Submission:November 7th, 2005 (Updated!)
      • Notification of Acceptance:January 19th, 2006
      • Camera-Ready Due:February 24th, 2006

    Industrial/experience papers are sought by October, 2005. Industrial/experience papers are expected to discuss novel aspects of deployed applications and/or prototypes as well as experiences and standards.

    Proposals for panels, demos, seminars, and workshops are also sought in 2005. We announce details on MDM2006 site as soon as they are settled.